Top WordPress Plugins to Help Promote Your Blog Content

Would you like to gain more blog readers? Would you like to learn about new content marketing tools, apps, and plugins that can help you increase blog reads?

Content Marketing tools plugins for WordPress blogs

Yeah, I Know. Let’s get started.

You got a fantastic WordPress blog and you update it regularly with unique, authoritative and valuable content pieces. Great work!

But its half job done, because content marketing can be broadly classified into two major terms: Content Creation and Content Promotion. To increase branding, visibility on major search engines and ROI both are critical and required. You cannot ignore the need of content promotion requirement.

In this post, I am going to list some of the top WordPress plugins, tools, and software for promoting your blog post content. There are numerous ways to promote content but choosing the right combination of tools and content marketing strategy works efficiently to generate desired output as relevant traffic, sales, and clients.

Here are some of the best content marketing plugins for WordPress, promotions widget, WordPress plugins, promotion tools, sliders, and software.


BuzzSumo offers a wide range of WordPress tools to grow your website traffic. The best part is they have tool for your every need right from discovering options to get free traffic to your blog to list building, analysis and to connect with your audience. There is a whole range of tools are trusted by more than 285, 726 users and it’s highly recommended. The Free version is available which you can upgrade to a PRO version at any time for more features.


Incapsula plugins for WordPress can be used to secure your blog and accelerate the load time of your websites, and higher load time always reflects in higher performance in popular search engines. It utilizes the advanced delivery network and CDN application to boost dynamic caching and content optimization.


It is a hello bar kind of plugin with easy to set the platform, cool color and text combination to choose as per your blog or website theme. It can serve as good email marketing tool and provides details of each subscriber like name, email, country and a specific page from which it converts. It can be used to attract your visitors to specific promotional offers. More than 5,835 websites use this tools to collect emails and build their audience.

Optin Forms

Create Beautiful Optin Forms With Ease! And promote your blog. This plugin allows you to create attractive Optin Forms even if you don’t have very good hands in HTML or CSS. Simply select the design, customize the appearance, setup your email and you are ready for your blog visitors. Add your form to your posts and pages with a simple mouse-click, or use a shortcode to add it to specific posts and pages.

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Corner Ad

Corner Ad is very effective but less utilized advertising display option that bloggers can use on top of webpages or blog corners – cool visual effect imitating a page flip attracts visitor’s attention to your sales advertisement or landing page.

Quick Features:

  • Minimally invasive.
  • Display the ad at the top corner.
  • You can select the target link.
  • Configure color, background and look and feel as per your audience.
  • Automatic mirror effect.
  • Configurable time and actions.
  • The corner ad effect is made in flash.

Top Bar

It is simple easy to use WordPress top plugin that adds a Topbar to your website or blog. It serves as a notification at the top of your blog for visitors, bloggers can use it to display a nice message or custom link that will navigate your visitors to desired landing page increasing content visibility. And the best part is it’s absolutely free.

In case you are looking for more features, then its PRO is worth checking. Its PRO version comes with features like an option for the user to close the top bar, choose it’s position, visibility for the type of audience, change the font-size and new colors.


This plugin helps WordPress bloggers build your audience with content recommendations related, personalized, trendy and evergreen content published. Boost your audience loyalty, it helps your audience explore your evergreen, popular blog post, personalize content as per your reader’s type and earn their loyalty.

Unique Features:

  • Multiple Modules.
  • Related and personalized contents.
  • Popular and evergreen content.
  • Video or product recommendation.
  • Editorial / Curation Control.
  • SEO, Responsive Design, Promotional Links.
  • Analytics to measure success and behavior.

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Ad King Pro

Ad King Pro allows you to easily manage, track and report on your on-site advertising. It can be added to the specific blog post using shortcode or use it directly into your blog theme if needed. Do amazing thing using it such as assign multiple banners, refresh banners, define a category to display, or define specific ad to display as per content.


A complete, easy to use, email marketing solution! And why bloggers are going to love it? Because it offers 2,000 contacts and 20,000 emails for free. No credit card required.

Quick Features:

  • No Installation and Can start instantly.
  • Perfect Email solution for beginners and Experts.
  • Comes with healthy inbox rates.
  • Offer options to develop your own integration design, email templates.

How can you use this tools and plugins today? Share your feedback, experience and questions in comments below.

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