The Five Secrets of Digital Marketing

I constantly see much-disoriented companies in the online world. From those that have been very powerful for many years and yet are very loose on the subject of digital marketing, even those little ones who do not know how to digitize. For all of them, both those that were born in the offline and that have to adapt, as well as for those new goes this article.

All companies are clear that you have to be on the internet. We know that with this we can increase sales, enhance the brand, keep loyalty and help to communicate with our customers. Digital Marketing is responsible for enhancing all that. The lack of professionalization because it is relatively new makes us not know what our company really needs.

The five secrets of success of Digital Marketing are the following points, also exposed in order of importance:

Have a web page according to the objectives that we seek. Well structured, easy to use for users, well designed. The usability is fundamental, to make sure that our customers know how to manage within our web in an easy and intuitive way and that they know how to buy or leave their data is fundamental. As well as being easily found. It is also important that the web is responsive, that is, with adaptation to the mobile, as more and more users use their mobiles for the purchase.

Google: Once we have an optimal website, we have to leave Google in the top positions. That is, when someone looks for a word that defines our product or service, we must appear there. It is said that the best place to “hide” is the second page of Google (not exactly the phrase, but the idea is understood). When someone searches on Google is that you have a clear intention to buy and if we are in the top positions, it will be easier to get the sale to us.

Presence in Social Networks: Being in the social networks appropriate to our business. Generating content of interest to our followers or fans and conversing with them, will increase the closeness of our company with our customers, create loyalty to our brand, as well as traffic to our website.

Web Analytics: Once we make our digital investment with a web page, investment in Google and social networks, we must measure and analyze the ROI or return on investment. We will measure the profitability of the promotional and marketing actions we are doing in relation to our company or product. We will learn and optimize the results of our investment based on the analysis of the results. What else can Web analytics do? To know the trends of what can happen in your business, as well as the real behavior of our users in relation to the products or services we offer.

Patience: It is more than a virtue; it is an indispensable tool for the repertoire of resources of your digital agency, a fundamental element for the success of your strategies. The digital marketing strategies do not show results overnight, particularly for startups that are just developing your sales funnel and lacking a history of previous experiences that allow them to run their strategies smoothly.

It is not only a matter of waiting for our efforts to bear fruit; we must also persist and observe the development of our projects. Many digital marketing specialists emphasize the need to be patient and stress the importance of perseverance, to which we must add another factor: an evaluation. Although it is difficult to qualify the behavior of our strategies at the beginning, a continuous observation of its evolution will allow us to define those elements that need to be modified.

The important thing is not to despair and take firm and steady steps. Losing your patience and finding quick results is a good way to make mistakes, lose focus and do sloppy and ineffective work: hurry is not a good counselor. Think of your marketing strategy as a high-performance competition where you need to use your energy wisely, without wasting it, as well as being physically and mentally prepared not to give up before reaching the goal.

A successful agency knows that you must be patient and encourage that patience in your clients to get good results. Once the leads have been generated, you can dedicate yourself to manage them and see an increase in the cost-benefit ratio of your project; remember that Rome was not built in a day. Do not give up: he who perseveres reaches. Moreover, do not forget to subscribe to our blog, you will find more entries like this to achieve the goals of your digital agency.

These are the secrets of the successful company in Digital marketing. Much luck and much success in your journey through the internet and social networks!

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