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Bringnex is launched with a goal to become one of the leading community and blog with resources and ideas that can lead to next generation of tools, technologies, and process helping business reach next level of productivity, maximize their reach to would be audience on World Wide Web.

How to Become a Contributor at Bringnex?

I expect same of even highest level of quality from authority contributors ( professional having subject and Matter expertise in their domain). Anyone can become a recognized contributor at Bringnex – the next generation of blog and resource for technology, life hacks, business idea, innovation, SEO, SEM, blogging and internet marketing.

Browse through some of the content published on Bringnex home page to understand the niche we are dealing with and the content I have published. And to know the type of article our readers are engaging with.

Write a content piece which is solely for reader, helps to solve some problem, and describes process to enhance productivity and performance or detailed walk-through of any new next generation of tool or technology helping business increase their performance.

  • Every content submitted for publishing will be reviewed for research, facts and experience.
  • One can use this platform to blog and share value to our readers.
  • Here are some of the categories which may interest us to publish here.
  • Entrepreneurship- Running an online business.
  • Social Media, Inbound marketing, and Internet Marketing.
  • SEO, SEM tips, tools and Case studies.
  • Innovations in technologies, apps, business ideas.
  • How to articles, tips and tricks to enhance productivity.
  • Life hacks, Business ideas and anything you feel can benefit to our community.

Our editors will be delighted to approve your submissions, please take care of few thing before submitting a guest post.

Credit: Write original and unique content which add values to our readers, which should be written exclusively for

Article Quality: Quality is considered as one of the prime factor in publishing content and proposed article should be of 800-2000 words in length and it should cover the topic in detail, please avoid irrelevant and half information.

Images, Screenshot and Videos: Add images and videos to convey your message, it should be on topic only. Must include screenshots if you are proposing a tutorial. If you are going for a video blogging then create a video, and submit it to YouTube channel of Bringnex and update us with an email and will let you know the next step.

Self-Promotion: We are not accepting any content for self-promotion. For promotions of your product, services, tools and events feel free to check our Advertising page.

Copyright: We respect everyone work. And duplicate content and publication of other’s copyright data is strictly prohibited unless you have a genuine copyright to publish it.

Comments: It is one of the best ways to engage your audience and we expect you to answer a comment or query once your article is published.

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