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Bringnex analyze research, curate and report on the importance of digital innovations and how it empowers, and inspire online / Internet businesses, and people around the world.

Bringnex was born on Dec 2014 as tech, social media and internet marketing blog, with a goal to develop it as a platform for anyone who is passionate about technology, innovations in digital world and want to excel as the Next Generation of Bringer (Who Brings Much Needed innovative ideas, boost and empower current working of online businesses). And for companies who values next generation of innovations and not afraid of trying out new things.

Here at Bringnex, I share everything I have learned in my 8 years of career and I will be learning in the due course of analyzing, and testing of topics I will cover in coming years.

About Me: Azad Brijesh

Hey Guys, Welcome to BringNex and let me introduce myself to you. I’m Azad Brijesh, a passionate learner, blogger and internet marketer. I’ll be posting the best of technologies, tips and process to achieve your blogging, social marketing and SEO Goals.

I’m SEO Expert by profession and a computer graduate by education. I finished my schooling in year 2003 and later on finished with a bachelor degree in computer application in the year 2006. I am working with a private limited company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. And decided to shape my dream of becoming a professional blogger, tech and social geek, and also to provide a knowledge sharing platform for next generation of beginners.

I have earned certification in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager Certified and got Diploma in Social Media Marketing. And still investigating and learning new technologies, tips and process…

Just like any other Indian. I am a normal guy who dreams big, live life to its fullest, love to make friends and sometimes travels to distant places to find new friends and inspiration, spend time in improving own personality too.

Whether you share same qualities or not, feel free to be my friend – Join me on Facebook, Follow me on @AzadBrijesh