8 Internet Marketing Tools Attributes You Should Check Before Buying

It’s difficult to get someone’s attention online.

36% of marketers say that the market has become more cluttered and confusing over the last five years—both online and offline—31% say that they are able to provide better customer experiences due to the accessibility of customer intelligence that enables them to become more relevant to customers. (Source: – CMO council)

Internet Marketing Tools

To do online marketing right, you’ve got to buy the right tools. But what tools are the “right tools”? — Neil Patel (Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Expert)

Regardless you’re an agency, in-house marketing department or DIY SEO having the right tool makes your life easy, hassle-free and productive.

To manage different marketing campaigns easily and to drive more effective ROI. You will find hundreds of tools releasing into the market on a daily basis, some in beta version, freemium, paid, or free. The range is massive from few dollars to big hundred’s and even thousands of dollars for monthly subscriptions.

You will find these tools very effective as they give quick results. But it’s quite possible to get confused because there are so many alternatives available and without having prior hands-on experience with a tool makes is a real difficult task to choose the right marketing tool with confidence.

Digital marketing spend is forecasted to increase to 35% of total budgets by 2016. (Source: – Webstrategiesinc)

And if you’re weighing up to buy one of these tools for your SEO, Internet Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing process I hope this article will give you some pointers on what are the common attributes of best Online Marketing tools and what you should be looking for.

Common Attributes of Internet Marketing Tools:

Marketing Goals

The goal of every online marketing campaign is to effectively communicate with target audience, prospects, and buyers – and it is going to remain same.

Marketing Challenges

Strategizing the marketing techniques, process and interacting at the right time and right place of buyer’s journey.

Internet Marketing Tools to Rescue

An efficient online marketing tool assists modern internet marketers in all phases of effective inbound marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email marketing. It attracts visitors to close as customers, brings all your marketing efforts to one place, provides an easy interface to manage all your marketing channels, built in feature to analyze data and even a real-time option to interact and engage with your audience.

The 8 Attributes you should check while deciding on your next internet marketing tool:
1. Interface – Less hassle and easy to manage.
2. More Control – Ability to control all your marketing channels.
3. Feasibility to apply marketing strategies – It should allow you to implement any or all marketing strategies (Content, Email, SMO, Search) efficiently.
4. Data analysis – Should come with the built-in feature to analyze your marketing efforts.
5. Easy of collaboration – It takes the combined efforts of a marketing team to drive preferred results – there should be provision to collaborate with your team and management.
6. Marketing Automation – Tools without marketing automation is worth not investing in.
7. Specialize Tool – It should offer SEO tools that can give you more than keywords.
8. Data Security and Privacy – Robust data security and privacy features will make your marketing tool complete.

On top of it, you should be aware of the ways the tool collect and receive information; it’s true that quality should not be compromised with cost but choosing a tool that fits well into your budget with being effective and that actually works is what we should opt for.

Let’s explore some of the top internet marketing tools available in the market – a brief introduction.

Content Marketing: Buzzsumo

It is one of the best tools in business, it allows marketers to analyze best-performing contents on different topics of your niche and competitors contents. Buzzsumo allows you to research for top contents, influencers, and top authors to plan your content marketing or guest blogging campaigns.

If you are in continuous search for new topics and subjects for your content marketing needs then it is an amazing tool with infinite possibilities to explore. It is available in Free (limited access) and paid versions, choose as per your requirements.

Buzzsumo Pricing

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SEO: Ahrefs

Search Engine Marketing or SEO is the base to all marketing and every internet marketer should understand and implement it effectively. SEO tool like Ahrefs makes marketers life easy and bang on target. It gives you access to all major SEO requirements – Analyze websites, track social media, building backlinks and exploring websites or content.

It is a robust SEO tool that helps you understand every aspect of search marketing you need to outrank your competitors.

Pricing Plan Ahrefs

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Social Media: Buffer

It is the best social media automation tools available in the market. It is a software application designed to manage your social media accounts from one place and schedule updates for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Buffer Pricing Plan

It is very handy and marketers can use that while browsing the web or on the go. It helps save time and get more done by working from anywhere.

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Regular interaction and engagement are what your customers need? And Customer.io is one such tool that lets you stay in touch with your customers. It allows you to manage all of your outbound communication in a single beautiful interface. Marketers can analyze, segment and automate effectively direct messages with your customers.

For example, any time a customer visits your website, buyer’s journey, purchase behavior and direct interaction. Customer.io automatically sends a reminder to buy.


Raven: Raven: Online Marketing and Reporting Tool

No marketing campaign is complete or effective without proper reporting. And it is one of the best online marketing reporting software for smart Internet marketer’s daily use. It save time and keep clients around longer with automated marketing reports.


Raven Tool offers an extensive research suite that pulls keyword data from several sources, such as Google AdWords and SEOmoz for reporting.

HubSpot: Inbound Marketing & Sales Software

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.


It is a complete inbound marketing tool that let you do everything you should be doing to attract visitors and convert them to customers. It takes care of all your Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Website, Lead Management, Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action, Marketing Automation, Email, Analytics, CRM Sync and much more.

If you’re a marketer, you need tools — good ones. Better tools always make a difference to your marketing efforts and results. Whatever tool you are choosing to make sure it fits your marketing needs and makes it easy for you to measure your efforts.

Please share your experience in deciding best internet marketing tools for your campaigns in the comments below or suggestion if any.

Note: I don’t endorse any of the tools listed above.

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