5 Quick Tips to Mastering Video’s ROI Tracking

Do you create videos for your audience or for living? The biggest problem every market finds is proving to the client that the videos actually work. Are you curious about what works? What are the best tools to measure video ROI? And tip to measure video marketing ROI.

Video ROI Tracking Tips by Bringnex

Great! Let’s get started…

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways for B2B or B2C Companies to reach potential customers, brand their product or service, capture leads and grow their business.

But how they know if you are getting their money worth? Here the client needs detailed ROI. Believe me tracking and measuring videos ROI is one of the most frustrating tasks for many digital marketers.

But before actually dig in deep to understand – How to Track the ROI of Your Video Marketing Campaign.

Let’s understand why tracking video ROI is a difficult task…

Reasons to the problem:

  • A lot of times businesses get the urge to jump into video without first establishing their own goals and success metrics.
  • A lot of businesses that are getting into video marketing haven’t thought about the analytics tools like GA, Mixpanel, heap, Kissmetrics, etc.
  • Video marketing campaigns are not measured against their existing marketing funnel.

Let first know about…¬†biggest obstacles
What to track¬†… and tips to measuring and tracking video’s ROI.


As per a recent study by IAB Video Ad Spend Study, 45% of the respondents stated that proving ROI of video marketing compared to another media is a hurdle for them.

Obstacles to Video Marketing Tracking

What should be Tracked While Advertising your Videos?

  • Outline Your Campaign Costs
  • Conversions from video traffic
  • Conversion rates on pages with videos
  • Engagement
  • Audience retention
  • Relevance
  • Track Sales from Your Video Campaign

Wondering how you can optimize your website conversion rates? Learn here.

Tips to Measure and Track ROI of Videos

URL Tagging:

The first thing you have to do is to be consistent with your URL tagging. With the Google Analytics URL Builder, you can easily tag URLs with custom campaign variables. That way, you can track which of your promotions are generating the most traffic/conversions.

When adding links back to your site in video descriptions, make sure to use the Google URL Builder.

Google Analytics – Goal Setting and Value

Make sure you have set up proper goals and goal values in Google Analytics when doing this. The data appears in the Google Analytics dashboard under Behavior > Events > Overview. You can also set up tracking for assisted conversions in your analytics.

Events get tabulated separately from the pages in a separate reporting section under Content. There are several parameters we can supply to describe an event, such as:

Category (required): Highest Level of grouping for the kind of events.
Action (required): What did the visitor actually do.
Label (optional): Further differentiate what happened.
Value (optional): A numerical value is given to understand the pattern.

Example in our case, video tracking:

Category: Video
Action: Play, Pause, Stop, Finished
Label: The title or filename of the video (assuming you have more than one video on your site)

Ready to try it out? Assuming you already have Google Analytics tracking on your page – steps to set up the tracking.

1. In the head of your page, add the following line:
src=”//play.vidyard.com/v0/api.js within script
2. Ensure your Google Analytics tracking code is placed on the page.
3. In the body of the page, add the following line below all player embed codes:

Learn more on video engagement tools.

Link Google Analytics and Adwords

Promoted YouTube videos will automatically be tracked in AdWords, so make sure to link Google Analytics and AdWords. Track and measure goals against existing marketing funnel in google analytics.

1. Sign in your Analytics account.
2. Click the Admin tab at the top of the page.
3. In the Account column, select the Analytics account that contains the property you want to link with one or more of your AdWords accounts.
4. In the Property column, select the Analytics property you want to link, and click AdWords Linking.
5. Use one of the following options to select the AdWords accounts you want to link with your Analytics property.
a. Select the checkbox next to any AdWords accounts you want to link with your Analytics property.
b. If you have an AdWords manager (MCC) account, select the checkbox next to the manager account to link it (and all of its child accounts) with your Analytics property.
6. Click the Continue button.
7. In the Link configuration section, enter a link group title to identify your group of linked AdWords accounts.
8. Select the Analytics views in which you want the AdWords data to be available.
9. If you’ve already enabled auto-tagging in your AdWords account, skip to the next step.
10. Click the Link accounts button. Congratulations! Your accounts are now linked.

Facebook Analytics

If you are using Facebook conversion pixels you can directly see in your Facebook ad report how much revenue is being driven directly from your video ads as well. Facebook have a multitude of video analytics that you can check out.

Add Lead Collection Forms to Videos

A straightforward way is to collect leads from your videos by adding forms. Then, send those leads to your marketing automation (and/or sales) platform. From there, you can nurture your leads, score them, and track them all the way to paying customers.

Best singular metric to determine whether that video is having the desired effect is “meaningful impressions”, defined by the number of users who watched the video and then completed an action (e.g. subscribe, click a link, share). Most of the time clients don’t look at VCR (Video Completion Rate).

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