3 Powerful Techniques to Double Bloggers Productivity

As a blogger what is the process you use to internalize information and make it a part of your everyday thinking, rather than just another sheet of notes? Most of the time we don’t have any such process! And you will agree to me on that.

Productivity Tips for Bloggers

But it won’t be the case again. I am going to show you some of the most powerful technique to become super-productive at blogging. These techniques are used and taught by most successful influencers today like Ramit Sethi, Brian Tracy and more.

Getting productive is not a tactical issue if it was then you would have already done it reading books like getting things done, or implementing techniques like Pomodoro etc.

It takes a lot more in your mind to be productive at work, in online marketing, as a growth hacker or in our case in being a productive blogger.

So what exactly is the recipe to be productive in blogging?

Here is my recipe to be productive in blogging:

An Overview of Productivity

  • 3 Powerful Productivity Techniques
  • Implementing these techniques to become productive in blogging
  • Benefit of Increased Productivity
  • Measure Success

Productivity is basically an output-input relationship. It is a clear process of implementing what you have learned. Rather I would say distraction free implementation! It is worth million dollars reading one book and implementing what you have learned rather than reading 100 different books.

3 Powerful Productivity Techniques

It is possible to double your productivity because there are people who are way more productive. They do more in less time than either of us. So, how do they do that?

1. Testing – The successful persons have chosen the best productivity tactics by testing different types of productivity tips and methods. Its, worth not to stick on assuming that a certain productivity technique is going to work. Rather I prefer trying 4-5 different techniques one by one for a certain period of time, comparing the results and choosing the best to stick on. Because we never know what is working for other is going to work for us or not.

2. Be Honest – How many times it happens with you. Your planned your next day well but could not stick to it and at the end of the day, you are screwed up! To be productive and successful, you have to be brutally honest with your commitments and plan.

  • Plan you day before.
  • Stick to tasks and deadlines.
  • Pre-decide who will be performing tasks if you not.

3. Have a Clear Guidelines – Decide your priorities and importance of tasks. It is very important to have your priorities decided as per importance of tasks.

Actionable techniques to become more productive in blogging

Clear Goals

If you want to be productive, the first step is setting a goal for your blogging business. Identify 3 different metrics / which are going to matter the most to you to achieve this goal. For blogging, it could be New Users, Engagement & Revenue. By the way feel free to select your best metrics here!

Clear Action Plan

Analyze blogging trends in 2015 and best practices. Create a clear, concise and manageable to-do list or action plan in advance for next day. Here is one for you

  • Keyword Research.
  • Write Blog Post.
  • Identifying audience or Analyzing Buyer Persona.
  • Checking Emails.
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Checking Sales and Conversions.
  • Sending Newsletters.

Set Your Priorities

Task prioritization is as much important as deciding your goals so prioritize your task ahead. Yours prioritize to-do list, example:

  • Send Newsletters to Your List
  • Check Email – I’ll be discussion more on this later in this post.
  • Identify audience / Analyze Buyers Persona
  • Keyword Research
  • Write Blog Post
  • Checking Sales and Conversions
  • Blog Commenting

Did you notice what I did here while creating this priority to-do-list?

Priority to do list based on success metrics

I have prioritized the tasked based on the top metrics which are going to decide success and failure at the end of the day.

Email is one of the best marketing tool of all times and an incredibly powerful – It comes with the ability to quickly manage relationships, track projects, assign tasks and reach out to people – it should be working for us, not against us.

Do you know an average person spend 51% more in checking emails than eating breakfast! You receive 304 emails weekly on an average, and an employee checks their email 36 times in an hour. (Source: Dailymail.co.uk, Atlassian)

Be More Productive While Checking Emails:

  • Check emails twice or thrice in a day.
  • Check emails from people you are expecting only.
  • If you have not received emails from people expected then reach out to them.
  • Repeat first two steps only for the rest of the day.

*Please don’t practice this if you are in a profession where you have to check and reply to emails as one of the priority tasks.

Eliminate Distractions

Concentrate on the task on hand until it is completed within the deadline (allocated time). Allocate substantial time for each to-do-list task like send newsletters (30 minutes), Writing blogs posts (2-3 hours) etc.

Apps like RescueTime is worth using to set and track realistic deadlines. It comes with free and paid version.

RescueTime productivity app

Source: RescueTime

Align Your Work with Your Skills

It is not easy for a single person to do all the tasks in tight deadlines. Therefore, it becomes necessary to select the tasks based on your skill set and delegate it to other team members who are able to justify the task or can possibly outsource it.

Tasks like an image for the blog post, research and infographics can be outsourced to professionals from sites like Fiverr.com in just $5.

Cut Down Extra Steps – Leverage Technology Solutions

It is always worth cutting down extra steps and technology solutions allows us to do so in more efficient manner. Tools to consider includes:

  • Project Management Tools.
  • To do list Software.
  • Online Marketing Tools.
  • Customer Management Software like BaseCamp, Wrike, Trello, 2-plan, Asana etc.
  • Social Media Marketing Tools.

Benefit of Increased Productivity

As I keep on saying blogging is effective inbound marketing tools and from content idea to all the way from keyword research, content writing, auditing, analysis, publishing, amplifying its reach and finally to measuring and reviewing everything is connected to each other. So if your productivity is lost any point of time than it will affect your whole process adversely.

  • Productivity increases the frequency of blog post and provides that much needed extra hours to produce more useful and shareable content.
  • Leading to more engagement and increased list.
  • Putting the right strategy to the list helps bring them close to the sales funnel.
  • And at the end it will reflect in your sales and revenue.

Measuring Success

Now you have implemented various productivity techniques, testing and choosing the best works for you. So what next, it becomes very crucial for you to measure the impact. Measuring marketing performance is never easy so the best practice is to start with small metrics at first and expand more for deep correlations.

Fortunately, we have the technology with us to measure the success. Use tools like Buzzsumo.com to measure social media reach. Check web analytics tools like Google Analytics to measure traffic and more. Check Salesforce and other CRM you have been using to measure an increase in sales and revenue.


Successful people don’t take every decision right! They hang on there to make their decisions right 🙂 — Brain Tracy

So hang on tight it may happen you struggled in past to get the desired results in less time, but from now onward you will be more productive and successful. And don’t forget to share your experience implementing these techniques, and, of course, your success in comments below. Happy Blogging.

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