2016 Digital Marketing Trends Making Biggest Impact Online

It is true that digital marketing is the buzzword in the corporate for a considerable amount of time. Businesses are looking to transit their business processes and promote their brand identity in an interactive manner to their target audience. It is more important to have a robust online presence these days and utilize all the necessary platforms for a synchronized campaign that will provide the information on a consistent basis to the customers.

Digital marketing with its unique methods of reaching out to the consumers is helping business entities to accelerate their growth prospects. Growth hacking is one of the most significant aspects that deserves mention in this regard using new mediums and engagements models to lure the consumers and making a prominent brand statement.

Top Marketing Challenges Marketers Facing today:

Top digital marketing challenges or marketers

Responsive ideas and innovations are driving the digital marketing world in all proportions. The future appears to be more intriguing with some of the key facets of more mobility and even applications like WhatsApp gaining fast significance as a real-time tool for digital marketing. There are several major trends that have been noticed during 2016, and it will be worthwhile to have a look at them.

Digital Advertising 2014 – 2020:

Digital Advertising Trends

Much anticipated online marketing trends for 2016:

Social media platforms and marketing:

Social media marketing has gained more prominence in all these years and its increasing influenced can be explored with the fact that according to Sales Benchmark Index, nearly 98% of the sales people with connections of over 5000 achieve their targets consistently.

Paid Advertising on Social Media Platforms:

The increase in paid social media advertisement as a preferred marketing medium. According to BerArt, almost 77% of the B2C companies have clients from FaceBook while nearly 65% B2B companies get a client from LinkedIn. Social media’s span continues to be increasingly competitive with time. Personalization leads to e-commerce solutions to be provided on social media platforms that can be explored with conviction.

Learn top social media marketing strategies to stay on top of your competition.

The Impetus on Mobile:

The world of mobility has paved a new ground for marketers to provide digital marketing information that will be enhancing and agile as well as accessible with transparency across all mobility devices. The shift from desktop to a more mobile phone marketing world will be the key notion that will be exhilarating to witness.

Domination of Video ads:

Video ads compelling content is gaining fast significance as it helps in sharing lucid information and complete vision to the consumer about the USP of a service to their everyday requirement. It becomes more relevant than written content with the eruption of the mobility world in entirety.

Marketing with Influencer:

Much like celebrity endorsing brands bloggers and markers also promoting influencer marketing to reach global audiences on a targeted basis. It is no longer hypothetical, and a report from Group High endorses that now this form of marketing is also an investment of paid nature.

Expensive Advertising Methods:

One of the major trends that can be challenging for small-scale digital marketing firms is the rise in pricing due to robust competition in the online landscape. As there is huge demand, it is more likely to have a price hike as well with online ads.

Real-time Advertising:

It is evident that information shared on a real-time basis is having more impact than email marketing that remains important. Whatsapp marketing can be cited as an excellent example to this where marketers reach out to a large segment on a real time basis and personalizes the marketing content on a 1:1 basis.

Virtual Reality and IOT:

It is seen that all the top companies are now implementing virtual reality in their marketing structures, and it will truly replace many forms of digital marketing in the coming years due to its influence on the current generation.

Mobile App Indexing:

As expected, app indexing will lead app development explosion. A mobile-optimized site works wonders for appealing to the mobile crowd, but soon, apps will begin to replace them. Ranking possibilities for apps in Google will make it more complex.

Cisco predicts that by 2020 almost 50 billion devices connected globally will be there in place, real-time marketing will gain significance that will seamless and intimate with IOT. IOT will make digital marketing evolve its content making connects emotionally.

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