17 Actionable Social Media Strategies for Amazing Results

Revenue in the “Social Media Advertising” segment amounts to mUSD 9,411.4 in 2015 (Source: statista). Social Media Marketing industry is evolving continuously and millions of users, companies, and advertisers are reaping the benefits.

As a social media marketer how you can get amazing results? This is exactly what I am going to list out here in this post.

Social Media Advertising Revenue 2015

All thanks to Buffer and Kevan, for buffer social media strategies course, which I have undergone last month. It was an incredible experience and I thought to share some of my personal best strategies with all of my readers!

Hoping you could implement some of these to get incredible success in your social media marketing campaigns.

Here is a list of actionable social media strategies that you can try today!

# 1 Repetition – Share the same content multiple times

You might think this will annoying for your audience! Some social media platforms facts…

Social Media Facts
Social media platforms are plunged with an enormous amount of updates every second every second that you are able to reach to less than 0.53% of your friends and followers on each update!

Even social media sharing giants like Buffer could only manage to reach 5% of their followers with a tweet and 2% of Facebook fans with a new update.

So it is really a good practice to share frequently to reach out to people who missed your new update.

Tip: Sharing the same content many times frequently does not mean copy and paste it over and over again. Change message, Share text only, Share image only, Share combination, Change headline, Share quotes that resonate with your update and Utilize thing which resonate well with your new update to share.

# 2 Thank You – Be Generous to thank every follows & Re-tweets

Thanking every follow can lead to more traffic and engagements. You can use thank you message to navigate your followers to some of your best content pieces which can results in possible traffic, engagement in forms of share and likes and could results in possible leads.

Invest time to thank every retweet for sharing your content and it could lead to on an average of 1 follow in 4 thank you tweets, around 25% of conversion rates incredible right!

And to optimize your website conversion rates – check my previous post on conversion rate optimization your website need high ROI.

You can always delight your audience with animated thank you.

Here are to best approaches to do it correctly.

  1. Find and save animated GIFs to your computer and upload it as attachment image to twitter.
  2. Giphy link (i.e. http://giphy.com ) on Twitter, the GIF will play whenever someone clicks to expand the tweet!

# 3 Schedule – Schedule your new updates through tools like Buffer

Schedule your post ahead and automate sharing to be more efficient and productive. Use excel spreadsheet to list your updates or tweets. Social sharing tools like Buffer provides free and paid both options equally good for regular and pro-social media marketers.

Let see how to do it efficiently: (available for pro users)

  1. Fill a spreadsheet with tweets or updates.
  2. Upload these updates to Bulk Buffer (https://www.bulkbuffer.com) and add to your Buffer queue.
  3. Done!

# 4 Move Your Social Sharing Buttons with the Scroll

Do you have a static social sharing button? Get rid of them now! As per recent experiment, a floating sharing button has increased the rate of sharing by 52%.

Tip: The sharing rate can be increased by testing your sharing buttons at different places. So keep testing and implement the best of your findings.

# 5 Current Events – Boost your Facebook post’s visibility by using trends and current events

As per recent algorithm of Facebook, the news feed on the right side of your Facebook is timely and trendy content. These contents are the stories read by your fans and people are talking about it.

You can always utilize and share your updates resonating with the trends and current events to gain more post views by your Facebook fans.

If you are not able to see the current trends and updates in your main Facebook right sidebar than don’t worry this is probably because you are in a country where these option is not available at present.

Buzzfeed and Google Trends are the best alternative to this!

# 6 Analyze Sharing – See who’s sharing your content

Knowing who’s sharing your content can always give your deep insights and you can pick best people for further interactions and opportunities. But how to know who have shared your content?

Use BuzzSumo it can give you better insights about people who shared your content. You can easily sort and search based on DA – domain authority, PA – page authority, Followers, Retweet, Replies and more.

# 7 Actionable Updates – Create and Share Actionable Updates

How can you drive readers to engage? Simply create and share actionable updates where you would be asking people to take an action either share views, reply with some answers, suggestions, advice or anything that could possibly drive them to take action.

Tip: Create a set of a 5-6 landing page with optimized call-to-actions resonating with your campaign, and updates. Tweet or share with keeping in mind the landing page with the specific task.

# 8 Images – A picture is worth a thousand words

Always try include an image with your updates. People like to share interesting images and videos on social media platforms and that is the reason why twitter has included this feature!

Recommended to use images from your content. If somehow is not available or need more or better than use tools to create mockups, screenshots, gifs etc.

# 9 Mentions – Build list of mentions and Engage

It’s amazing to know someone has mentioned you or your brand in their updates or content. What next? Reach out to them and build a relationship which can result in new business opportunities or at least an authoritative link to your website!

How to keep track or identify these mentions?

  • Turn on notifications on your mobile devices.
  • Enable email notifications.
  • Use tools for tracking Mention (http://mention.com)

# 10 Team Work – Get your team sharing

This technique is my personal favorite, say you got a team of 10-15 members then get your team sharing for you and with you. It will help generate more favorable social signals in terms of “people talking about” a topic or campaign.

# 11 Type of Updates – Find Right Balance of Updates

Infographic: Why do people use social media?  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

You are right to engage, relax and get rid of work hangover, interact with friends and families, and build relationships.No one ever likes to get your business updates buzzing around every time.

So best practice is to find the right balance of updates to share. There are many rules out there like 4:1, 5:3:1, 5:5:5 or Golden rule to share. It’s perfect to select what suits your requirement, but it should not be your content always.

Something like “Your content + curated content + status update + promotions + miscellaneous like follow or retweet thank you” always works better.

# 12 Custom URLs – Customize UTM Parameters to Track and Analyze

You might have come across URLs like…




Both URLs will take you to the same page. The only difference is the UTM codes in one URL where you can assign medium, source and campaign to track the performance of the particular and can embed your company name in URL. Once assigned these URLs and its performance can be tracked in Google Analytics.

Generate custom campaign parameters for your advertising URLs using tools like

  • https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033867?hl=en
  • https://gaconfig.com/google-analytics-url-builder/

Then can check its performance under campaigns tab in Google Analytics.

#13 Automation – Curate & Share Content Quickly

It’s great fun using this method and easy to use. What we need for it?

Articles — Pocket (Account) — Favorite — IFTTT — Buffer

Steps to do it:

  1. Read articles only as you might doing and once you find a great content save it to your
  2. pocket account for reading further.
  3. Make the articles favorite in your pocket account.
  4. Use IFTTT, to enable the functionality. Connecting your pocket and buffer account so whatever you make an article favorite it will be queued for a new update in your buffer account with the media attached to it.
  5. Done!

#14 Keep Everything Same

It’s must to keep the same name, profile and pictures across all your social accounts making it easy for audience and crawlers easy to identify.

Here are few steps to do it correctly:

  • Reserve your name in all social media platforms.
  • Use a consistent name across all channels.
  • Use catchy and unique headlines and bio.
  • Try to keep the look and feel, design consistent on all platforms.
  • Use professionally designed logo and high-quality images to share.

# 15 Reach out to people you mentioned in your article

Say you are a regular blogger or writing regularly and have used some ideas and thoughts from industrial leaders and influencers. Then reaching out, those influences may lead to 10X growth in your reach.

# 16 Social Media Ads

What does $5 per day buy you on Facebook Ads?

More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and more than 900 million visits every day. 1 When you run a Facebook Advert, you choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests and more.

You can get 1000+ impressions + likes + increased visibility and sales on investment of $5 per day on Facebook Ads!

Learn more on Facebook paid advertising and Twitter Ads.

# 17 Find the best time to post

When is the best time to share on social media platforms?

Find the best time through series of experiments across your social platforms. Or just thanks to Buffer tools for finding it for you!

  • Log into your Buffer account.
  • Select one of your Buffer-connected social media profiles.
  • Choose how many times per day you’d like to post.
  • Check out your optimal times to post and integrate them directly into your Buffer schedule!

There is no such thumb rule for getting best results but the above tips and tricks is a collection of test done by influencers across and based on their tests these are the findings which we can use in our social media marketing campaign to get the desired results.

You can always try new and more innovative ways for better results in less time and investment. And don’t forget to share it below in comments. Happy blogging!

Get started with implementing these techniques today!

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