10 Excellent Plugins for Adding Widgets into WordPress

WordPress widget plugins are widely used in WordPress websites for doing customization without knowing any computer code. They are used to add features and content to your sites in a flexible way with an intention to enhance the user experience or back-end usability.

must have wordpress plugins

The majority of the themes for WordPress have specific features and widget locations to add lists of post and categories in the sidebar. But, sometimes, more power is required to be added to WordPress websites to make them unique and eye catching. The need for more flexibility and power into your WordPress website can be fulfilled easily by the use of WordPress widget plugins.

A bunch of the best WordPress widgets plugins is detailed here below:

1. Image Widget:

wordpress image widget

Rates: 4.9/5
Active Installs: 500k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

It’s a simple image widget that makes use of the native WordPress media manager to add images to your sidebar. This versatile plugin is MU compatible and it handles images uploading, resizing and alignment. As this plugin overrides the template, you can easily remove templates from your theme and customize your site to have better look.

2. Dynamic Widgets:

dynamic sidebar wordpress

Rates: 4.8/5
Active Installs: 80k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

Dynamic Widget is a useful plugin that helps you dynamically to show or hide widgets on WordPress pages depending upon your needs. Its popularity is rapidly increasing among bloggers as it comes with a number of features. There is no need to have PHP knowledge while using this plugin. You can easily determine conditional rule by pods, bbPress, BuddyPress groups, WPEC/WPSC categories, custom taxonomies archives, etc.

3. MailPoet Newsletters:

best wordpress newsletter plugin

Rates: 4.8/5
Active Installs: 300k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

When your site has subscribers in large numbers, it is always difficult to manage them and send newsletters regularly. Don’t get worried at all and use MailPoet Newsletters. It is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress newsletter solution that helps you to create newsletters, autoresponders, notifications easily and manage your subscribers smartly. MailPoet is equipped with a drag and drop interface that is utilized for creating newsletters.

This plugin is mobile-friendly and compatible across different mail browsers which enable you to address a large number of subscribers (that use different browsers, mobile devices to access the internet) in an easy way

4. Akismet:

wordpress Akismet

Rates: 4.7/5
Active Installs: 1000k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

Spammers (human and automated) target everything and WordPress is not an exception to it. That’s why you need a spam blocker on your website.

Akismet is a spam filtering plugin that filters spam from comments, trackbacks and contact form messages. It displays URLs in the comment section so that hidden or misleading links can be traced easily. It allows moderators to have a look at approved comments. By blocking spam on your website, it increases your site’s loading speed.

5. Facebook Members Widget:

facebook like widget

Rates: 4.5/5
Active Installs: 20k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

It is a WordPress social plugin that allows Facebook page owners to allure and get likes from their own site. Just use this plugin and get more traffic to your website by increasing your Facebook fans rapidly.

Users can like contents, get recommendations and share their post by making use of the recommendations bar. When you use this plugin, you reach out even those audiences with whom you are not connected directly.

6. All-in-one SEO:

best seo wordpress plugin

Rates: 4.4/5
Active Installs: 1000k+
Availability: WordPerss plugin Directory

Although WordPress offers SEO friendly setup right out of the box, still there are several things like generating XML sitemap, adding meta tags, avoiding plagiarized contents, etc, that you need to take care of.

All-in-one SEO is streamlined for some best practices for WordPress SEO. It adds a meta box to your WordPress post/page edit screen. It helps you to execute all these things carefully so that you may boost your site’s rank in Google and other search engines.

7. Testimonials Widget:

wordpress testimonial plugin

Rates: 4.4/5
Active Installs: 60k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

Are you looking for an easy way to share your customer’s testimonials on your websites? If yes, then switch to testimonials widget without making any further delay. By using this plugin, you can display testimonials, portfolio, projects, and reviews on your site easily.

Testimonials may contain text, videos, images & supports review scheme, categories, and tags for rich snippets. Once installed, this plugin allows you to display all these through shortcodes, widgets or functions in your theme files.

8. Gabfire Widget Pack:

gabfire wordpress plugins

Rates: 4.3/5
Active Installs: 10k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

Gabfire Widget Pack is an awesome plugin loaded with various features and it adds frequently used widgets to your site. It contains over a dozen useful widgets that help you to extend your WordPress site easily. This plugin is compatible with almost all themes and bundles together with the most popular widgets.

9. Google Calendar:

wordpress google calendar widget


Rates: 4.3/5
Active Installs: 8k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

When you install this plugin to your WordPress website, it adds a widget to your site for displaying Google Calendar agenda on its sidebar. Just download and unzip the files into your ‘plugins’ folder of your WordPress website to install it.

As soon as it is installed, it adds a sidebar widget called “Google Calendar” that can be dragged to your sidebar. You can configure each widget with an ID of the calendar feed, a title, and the number of agenda items to display.

10. Twitter Widget Pro:

wordpress twitter

Rates: 3.4/5
Active Installs: 100k+
Availability: WordPerss Plugin Directory

Twitter Widget Pro is designed to handle all twitter needs of your WordPress website. Likewise, you can also handle Twitter feeds such as @username, #hashtags, and URLs into links apart from displaying profile images. Moreover, you to control the date of a tweet. It is actually a multiple user twitter plugin.

WordPress widget plugins are all-purpose and powerful tools that increase the functionality and design of your WordPress Websites. Using above-mentioned plugins will make your website interactive and engaging for visitors.

Guest Post By: Tracey Jones is a front-end developer associated with a leading WordPress theme & plugin development company called HireWPGeeks. Apart from this, she is passionate about writing excellent stuff to related WordPress and sharing her knowledge with others.

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